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              1. 公司介紹 產品介紹 新聞動態 誠聘英才 網上訂單 聯系我們

                JWELL warmly invites you to join us at K show 2016

                K show will be held in Düsseldorf Germany from 19th to 26th October. JWELL company was invited for a interview recently and detailed informations are as followings: 

                Q: Describe JWELL company. What year was it founded? What are its major business? What are annual sales? How many percents sales are exports? What are the leading countries export to?

                A: JWELL Machinery is one of the biggest extrusion machine manufacturer in China and the vice president unit of CPMIA. The company is established in 1997 and consisted with 5 parts, which are located in Jiading district of Shanghai , Zhoushan City of Zhejiang Province, Taicang City and Liyang City of Jiangsu Province and Dongguan City of Guangdong Province. The total area covers about 180 acres with the head office of the company in Shanghai. The company has more than 2200 staffs, about 480 technicians and managing staffs among them. And thanks to the high quality research and development groups, experienced electrical and mechanical engineers, advanced machining bases and qualified workshops of the company, we sell more than 2000 advanced extrusion lines every year. 

                Major products of our company : 

                - various plastic pipes extrusion lines including 

                large diameter PE/PVC double wall corrugated pipe extrusion line, 

                large diameter PE/PVC solid wall pipe extrusion line, 

                PP-R/PEX/PE-RT cool/hot water pipe extrusion line, 

                PA/PE/PVC single wall corrugated pipe extrusion line; 

                - various plastic profile extrusion lines; 


                - various plastic plate & sheet extrusion lines; 

                - chemical fiber spinning; 

                - microcomputer controlled automatic blow molding machines; 

                - plastic auxiliary recycling lines; 

                - various single & twin screw and barrel extruders; T die; screen exchangers; rollers etc.

                Q: What products does JWELL plan to show? Please describe them and what is new about them?

                A: New high-speed small corrugated pipe machine, suitable for manufacturing OD50-160 double wall and single wall corrugated pipe. In the current Chinese market, the small diameter corrugated pipe equipment speed is regularly low, around 5 m/min. We summarize many years experience in the field of corrugated pipe equipment and combine our own advantages to develop a new kind of small corrugated pipe production line, whose production speed is not less than 10 m/min, so it can better serve customers and the growing market.

                JWZ BM30SN - C blow molding machine, suitable for 10 to 30L chemical packaging drum, using continuous extrusion mould, up blowing structure, which facilitate automatic stacking drum trimming, waste online delivery, products online leakage detection, delivery, packing, etc.; hydraulic servo drive and SIEMENS human-machine control system are adopted to reduce the labor costs and improve production efficiency. 

                Co-rotation parallel twin screw compounding machine with the under water pelletizing system, the important components, such as the screw elements, barrel, screw shaft, high torque gearbox, under water granulator are design and produced by the Chinese companies.  To show the world high level in the pelletizing field in China.

                Sheet test machine equipped with Dega multi-component sheet feeding system with higher degree of automation and more comprehensive function at the same time compared to previous generations of machine, which makes the customer obtain more accurate and reliable experimental data.

                At the same time, high output single screw extruder, traditional conical twin screw & parallel twin screw extruder, flat plate die head, roller and other basic equipment and parts will be shown in this exhibition, manifests JWELL comprehensive strength.

                The shown machine and sample in the exhibition our advantage show product. In addition, PP honeycomb panel production line, waterproofing roll production line, wood and plastic xomposite wallboard production line, artificial marble plate production line, automatic blow molding machine and so on have good sales records in the Chinese market in recent years. We also want to present these outstanding products the characteristics of the product in the global market. We will take use of large-scale processing equipment and technology advantages to attentively make each product to gain more customers support and trust by  quality, speed and service.  

                Q: Industry 4.0 – is this a part of JWELL strategy? What has been done about it?

                A: Industrial 4.0 is a system engineering, a comprehensive range of strategy. On the client side, we have solved the key problems on the software, which completed the remote monitoring system of equipment sold. We have done this step, which can be shown on the exhibition. At the same time, we actively promote the client automation production equipment upgrades, informationization, ultimately achieve equipment intellectualization. In our own factory, we also actively promote upgrading of hardware and software and carry out various training in a timely manner so at to make our production process more reasonable and effective, lower overall cost, and make production more open and transparent to the customers at the same time.

                Q: The Car industry is getting more and more important in China, does JWELL have any new technologies on this field?

                A: Light weight and green environmental protection is the world's automotive materials technology development direction. Plastic instead of steel become a development trend  by taking use of plastic characteristic of light, rust, vibration absorbing, great design degrees of freedom, etc so as drive the plastic increasingly extensive application in the field of automobile. JWELL machinery has been following the times development and committed to research and development of all kinds of automotive application plastic equipment so as to serve global car inner decoration field.

                PP honeycomb panel production line dedicated to manufacturing high-grade passenger car trunk cover plate, boot partition, luggage carpet base board, side decorative board, ceiling and other interior parts. It can produce the product thickness of 2 to 25mm, width 1200-2000mm.

                TPO synthetic leather production line production line use polyolefin thermoplastic elastomeric TPO as raw material with advanced composite technology. The production line is used to manufacture high-grade car interior materials with width 1000-2000mm.

                TPU (TPO)/ABS composite board production line use multi manifold technology to produce the compound plate with width 1200 - 2500mm and thickness 1mm - 8mm.

                EVA automobile sound insulation pad (damping shock absorption pad) production line use EVA, TPO, PVC as raw materials to high filling inorganic high-density insulation sheet with thickness 0.6-8mm, width 1000-3000mm.

                PVB film production line used in automotive laminated glass, the produced thin film thickness is 0.38-1.52mm and width is 500-3400mm;

                XPE cross-linked polyethylene foam complete set of production line XPE foam products are widely used in the field of vehicles: car inner decoration, the small accessories, insulation pad, visor, sound insulation pads, MATS, etc.

                JWG-PA/PP high precision tube extrusion line it is special designed for the tubes which are used in the car industry, such as oil tube, water tube, and so on, with different designed screws and barrels, it also can be used to produce different material, such as PE, PP, PA, PVC, PU, TPE and so on.

                JWZ - BMQC automotive series blow molding machine takes PP/HDPE/TPE/TEEE/TPC as raw materials to produce various automotive alien vessel, duct, air duct, air inlet pipe, guide plate, bumpers, luggage rack, urea box, automotive tool box, dust cover and so on;

                Q: What is the biggest challenge in the coming year?

                A: Till this time of 2016, our overall sales has be improved by 20% compared to 2015. This achievement is made not easily and also greatly inspired us. In all field of extrusion industry, we have made some progress and development. But how to keep the progress will be a challenge for us also hard work we need to do.

                Q: What is the outlook for the global business environment for the next year?

                A: Advanced technologies from Europe and America, lean management from Japan and South Korea, processing and manufacturing from China, this characteristics label has been recognized by more and more people, European enterprise, Japan and South Korea enterprise , China's enterprises surviving in this environment also have such characteristics. Customer need should be "combination" of these characteristics, good technology, excellent quality and reasonable price products, as a sense of responsibility, attentively companies focused on customer needs. We have the obligation to provide the market with this "combination", which requires more communication and cooperation. The participated equipment in this show are under our own research and development or joint research and development. We agree with our outstanding place, willing to sincere cooperation with them and use more professional & more business language to of keep in touch with them in order to achieve win-win situation. 

                Website: http://www.www.aolforwindowce.xyz
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